Why We Are Best Choice?

Talent cultivation is an important part of the construction of the center. According to the economic development needs of the high-end equipment industry in China and the UK, the Center integrates the elements of international engineering education, reforms the talent training model, and builds a multi-level talent training mechanism needed by the industry to form a good pattern of joint training of talents in universities and enterprises. To provide quality talent resources guarantee for the development of equipment manufacturing industry in China and UK.

The center vigorously advocates the talent introduction strategy of “bringing in and sending out”. With the help of the post-doctoral mobile stations and workstations owned by the various units, the project task is taken as the traction, and a number of outstanding doctors at home and abroad are actively recruited to work and study. Providing preferential treatment to attract doctors with strong engineering backgrounds to do post-doctoral studies in colleges and universities, select a group of outstanding doctors from universities to carry out post-doctoral research, select the technical backbone of the doctorate, and go to famous universities and research institutions at home and abroad. Post-doctoral mobile stations, workstations to study and study, accelerate post-doctoral training.