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Laboratory-----International Cooperation Engineering Laboratory of Special Equipment

The Joint Laboratory is in line with the world's leading edge of safety technology for special equipment. It mainly relies on the advantages of UK-China Joint Intelligent Center of Special Equipment and Robotics's special equipment and Robotics technology. It focuses on international joint research in such fields as innovation of special mechanical and electrical safety technology and high efficiency and energy saving.

Special Equipment Technology

Multi-domain and multi-disciplinary optimization theory and method for special equipment; reliability optimization design theory and method for special equipment; intelligent manufacturing and detection principles and methods for special equipment parts; special equipment performance monitoring, fault diagnosis and prediction methods.

Driving Equipment Technology

Gear table (boundary) surface behavior and control theory and technology; high-speed heavy-duty gear strength design theory under complex conditions; on-line detection and control method for large gearbox; high reliability technology for advanced transmission system; design and manufacture of large-scale equipment transmission system Theory and method.

Green Manufacturing Technology

Green manufacturing technology is a scientific technology guided by green concept, which integrates green design, green technology, green packaging and green production.

Special Robot Technology

Robot mechanism design method and motion simulation system modeling method; modular hierarchical controller software system; networked robot controller technology; precise trajectory tracking and dynamic trajectory correction technology; robot reliability system engineering technology; based on non-model method Modeling method combined with hybrid robot error compensation technology.

Agricultural Machinery Technology

Advanced design theory of mountain agricultural machinery and equipment; production technology and experiment of mountain agricultural machinery and equipment; high-end equipment and intelligent control system of mountain agricultural machinery.