Why We Are Best Choice?

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Why We Are Best Choice?

We’re Dynamic team of talented people of expert.

The center is an international independent scientific research institution jointly established by experts from the relevant universities, research institutes and key enterprises in the UK and China. It is an innovation  platform supported by all the cooperative units.

 Through the innovation of system and mechanism, the center forms the synergistic innovation characteristics and culture of demand orientation, discipline integration, resource sharing and industrial upgrading; gathers a group of innovative talents, reforms and trains to better adapt to enterprise technological innovation. Breaking through all kinds of talents at all levels; breaking through key core technologies in the field of high-end equipment, transforming and transferring a number of major technological achievements, transforming traditional industries, and greatly improving the discipline level and technological innovation capability in high-end equipment technology; building the UK-China science and technology cooperation into a global The high-end equipment field talent gathering, talent cultivation, scientific research and technological innovation of the highlands, high-end equipment research and development and manufacturing of highlands, play a leading role in regional technological innovation.